Aquaculture-based business development
Agriculture-based business development
Clean and renewable energy

Norges Vel's International work is aimed to reduce poverty and to fuel local economic growth through local business development, mainly based on sustainable and climate-smart use of local natural resources. Our interventions shall contribute to increased income levels and employment in local communities.


Jose Luis Ramos er ny leder for Norges Vels kontor i Tanzania

New Norges Vel’s Resident Representative in Tanzania

- It is stimulating to have the opportunity of developing and strengthening Norges Vel’s work in Tanzania and ...
Tilapia (1) 1000x750

Fish farming improves standard of living on Madagascar

The Tilapia fish farming support by Norges Vel on Madagascar provides jobs and improved living standards for w...
Reinaart Pretorius is Norges Vel

New Director of International Development

Reinaart Pretorius (42) has been appointed the new Director of International Development for The Royal Norwegi...